Professional Highlights


4/92 to present Software Contractor

Suggested, designed, and implemented a class structure to use for common scenarios that occur in the course of a Computer Based Training program. Implemented these classes in Java, and also wrote sections of the Computer Based Training program itself.

Enhanced the design of an analog CAD program, splitting it into three smaller programs. Implemented the GUI for each of these three programs using Tcl/Tk on a Linux operating system.

Designed the GUI for two applications to accompany a larger Personal Information Management program. Implemented part of the source code.

Designed the GUI, specified and implemented the code for a database design optimization program for Windows NT. This optimization program is included as part of a collection of database-related programs to be shipped together as a Windows group. Suggested a process monitor and control tool that users could invoke from any of the products in this group; designed the GUI for this tool. Designed and developed windows persistence code using the NT registry to be used by this group of products. Performed the preliminary internationalization, investigated help implementation, and did code cleanup for a database server monitor program included in the program group.

Implemented several portions of a multiple document scientific application for MS Windows 3.1, including parts of the graphics editor user interface. Specified and implemented the experiment specification interface code. Implemented and optimized bitmap printing, including special enhancements for PostScript printers. Ported the graphics engine from the Macintosh for use in this product, and optimized graphic performance.

Prepared a source code control program developed for Windows and OS/2 for translation to Japanese.

Designed and implemented portions of an MS Windows 3.1 consumer graphics product, including the user interface and printing. Input into GUI design.

Maintained a fax modem application with ExCA/PCMCIA functionality. Designed and implemented automated test suites for the CAS and card manager layers of an implementation of ExCA/PCMCIA system software.

Enhanced an MS Windows 3.1 history utility with additions to the user interface, new windows, child window controls, dialogue boxes, and graphics.

Rewrote parts of and performed maintenance on a DOS-based data recovery product.

10/85 - 4/92 Software engineer, ImageBuilder Software Inc.

Designed and implemented text and word processing, calendars, file processing, and portions of the user interface for Broderbund’s Print Shop Deluxe. Provided input to the GUI design. Maintained code in all sections of the program. Worked on all phases of the project including project management responsibilities, and developing portions of the specification and test plan.

Led development of graphical interface software for a Polaroid camera system; implemented user interface, and color palette support. Provided input to the GUI design. Primary contact with client.

Designed GUI, and designed and implemented presentation graphics software, including the presentation management window and install software for Ashton-Tate’s Applause presentation graphics product.

Designed GUI, and designed and implemented the software for a slide service communication product.

Designed GUI, and designed and implemented the software for the color palette window of a drawing and charting package.

Developed enhancements for several company products including a charting package, ASCII output for a project management package, and a slide service communication package.

Implemented and maintained printer, plotter, and file-output device drivers under DOS.

Wrote a font editor and several file translation utilities.

Ported versions of presentation graphics products from DOS to UNIX, including ports of a consumer graphics product to SCO XENIX and UNIX running on a Nixdorf system.

Wrote help scripts and portions of manuals.


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Bachelor of Science, General Engineering and Applied Science

Portland State University, 1986